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*If you need help ASAP, call or email these organizations:

Nevada State Contractors Board

Nevada Division of Real Estate

Out of State Groups that have offered to assist Nevada homeowners:

Neighborhoods for Quality Homes



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The Shecks won their claim with the Nevada State Contractors' Board, but some defects were never fixed. These hard working senior citizens have been forced out of retirement to work full and part time jobs to pay out-of-pocket for repairs to their brand, new home.

Total amount the Schecks will have to earn to repair their home ...


Want to help the Scheck's get their home repaired? Click here to email the Nevada State Contractors Board to request the builder be forced to make ALL repairs or give the Schecks financial assistance from the Real Estate Recovery Fund (copies of emails will go to some state legislators).
Buying a home should not be a gamble; but in
Las Vegas hard working residents have gotten stuck with defective homes due to poor construction and unresponsive builders.

Want to make pancakes while you take a bath?...

What's a homeowner to do when they discover a bathtub and a toilet that are falling through the floor due to incorrectly installed floor joists?

One handy Las Vegas fireman had to rebuild his bathroom floor due to these missed building code violations.


Want raw sewage and mold in your brand new home? Richmond American refused to clean this mess up for six weeks until a local investigative reporter stepped in to help.

These are real situations that happened to ordinary people here in Nevada. Some homeowners refused to take a financial loss and found creative ways to force their builders to make obvious repairs.

Las Vegas Lemonade is a web site that focuses on inexpensive ways of getting your builder to repair a defective home.

Las Vegas homeowners are coming together to promote
better building codes, mold standards, and the Nevada New Home Lemon Law.

Las Vegas Lemonade does not solicit for monetary donations.
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