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If a contractor is unable to cure a defect within a 60 day period and the defect creates a serious safety hazard and/or substantially reduces the market value of the home or the ability of the owner to sell the home, the builder must buy the home back at the market value or the original purchase price (whichever is greater) or replace the home with a similar home. It is the homeowner's choice as to which option is implemented.

If a contractor is ordered to replace a home or make a refund due to the implementation of the Nevada New Home Lemon Law, the contractor shall reimburse the home buyer for reasonable incidental costs resulting from the loss of the use of the home because of the defect and lost wages resulting from time required for appointments with the contractor that are necessary because of the defect.

The Nevada New Home Lemon Law is based on
legislation from Texas.
Read the Texas Homeowner Protection Act Bill Draft.

Everyone pays for shoddy construction via increased insurance rates and bankruptcies.

Homeowner Advocates
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Las Vegas Lemonade is teaming up with Neighborhoods for Quality Homes, Homeowners for Better Buildings, and HADD.

These three organizations are promoting similar New Home Lemon Laws for their states (Arizona, California, and Texas).

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