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Beazer Homes Could Face Another Lawsuit

June 9, 2004

Local families are tearing their homes apart to reveal construction defects that were kept secret when they bought them. News 3's Investigator Darcy Spears is digging deeper into claims that "Beazer Homes" is ripping people off and why families want them to pack up and leave town.

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Falling between the cracks

by Hubble Smith, Las Vegas Review Journal

New-home owners face plethora of worries, but builders say exaggerated claims strangling industry

February 2, 2003 - For Tony Ayres, the construction defect trial that's expected to go to deliberation this week at the Clark County Complex Litigation Center has all the importance of a murder trial.

He feels like he was shot down by Beazer Homes in 1996 when he purchased a $125,000 home plus upgrades at Village at Craig Ranch in North Las Vegas.

Ayres testified in court that the expansive soil condition that caused quarter-inch and half-inch cracks in his walls, ceilings and foundation never was disclosed at the time of purchase. For the rest of the story, Read article ...


Mold changes dream house into nightmare
Homeowners, builders and insurance companies increasingly are wrestling in court.By Chris O'Malley

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Shuette v. Beazer Homes Holding Corp., 121 Nev. Adv. Op. 82 (2005)1
Beazer Homes constructed and sold 206 single-family residences between 1994
and 1999 on a 40-acre residential subdivision. In April 2000, three homeowners,
individually, and as proposed class representatives, filed a complaint against Beazer
Homes alleging constructional defects to their homes. The complaint alleged that their
houses’ foundations and concrete slabs were damaged by expansive soils, a condition in
which the soils beneath a house expand when exposed to water and contract when the soil
dries. This condition can cause a house’s foundation and concreted slab to crack and
separate. The plaintiffs also alleged over 30 additional constructional defects unrelated to
the soils condition.

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Beazer Homes

This case was based upon a 201 home class action filed June 8th, 2000. Trial started September 29th, 2004. Trial ended with a jury verdict on December 13th, 2004. The plaintiffs' pretrial cost of repair was $9,300,000. The pretrial defense cost of repair was $1,300,000. Issues of the case involved roofs, windows, sliding glass doors, stucco, showers and structural deficiencies. The plaintiffs' expert for architectural issues was Bob Carroll of Building Analysts. The plaintiffs' expert for structural issues was Mike Romanowski. Plaintiffs' expert for cost of repair was Steve Gustafson of Nautilus Construction. Defendant Developer Beazer Homes' expert was Tom Cook of Lombard Consulting for both architectural issues and the cost of repair. For structural issues, the defendant used Carl Josephson of Josephson Werdowatz.

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Beazer to pay $24 million for mold claims

Atlanta Business Chronicle - May 14, 2004by Lisa R. Schoolcraft
Staff Writer

  • Beazer Homes USA Inc. has set aside $24 million to compensate more than 750 homeowners for moisture damage and mold in their houses. The Atlanta-based home builder (NYSE: BZH) said the complaints were for houses built by its Trinity Homes LLC division, which Beazer acquired when it bought Crossman Communities Inc. two years ago. Most of the complaints are in Indiana, where Beazer sold 2,197 homes in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30.

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Nailing door shut on class actionMore expensive construction suits seen

By Brian Wargo
Las Vegas Sun Clark County homeowners are finding it more difficult to band together to sue builders in construction-defect cases as judges increasingly force the homeowners to wage tougher, potentially costlier, legal battles.

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Lawyers lay foundation in class-action lawsuit against Beazer

By Hubble Smith, © Las Vegas Review Journal

November 07, 2002 - About 200 homeowners in the Village at Craig Ranch, a development by Beazer Homes in North Las Vegas, are seeking nearly $25 million in repairs for damage caused by expansive soils.

The class action lawsuit against Beazer started its first day of jury trial Wednesday in the new Complex Litigation Courtroom at 333 S. Sixth Street. It is being heard by Judge Allan Earl.

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Home construction defects threaten health

Could the way your home was built cause problems for your health? Home construction defects can be a matter of life and death. News 3 investigator Darcy Spears has been watching out for you with continuing coverage of a lawsuit involving 83 houses in a Summerlin neighborhood.

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