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Centex Homes settles lawsuit: Defects linked to expansive soils

By Steve Raabe
Denver Post Business Writer

Centex Homes has agreed to settle a major class-action lawsuit filed by homeowners claiming damage from expansive soils.

Terms of the settlement call for as many as 1,500 Colorado homeowners to receive repairs in homes that cracked and heaved when underlying soil expanded and pushed upward.

The settlement is the latest in a series of legal proceedings in which homebuilders and developers have agreed to pay millions of dollars to fix damaged homes.

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Angry Fawn Ridge homeowners picket builder


© St. Petersburg Times, published July 10, 1998

CITRUS PARK -- Hell hath no fury like a home buyer who's mad at his builder.

A group of Fawn Ridge residents and supporters who feel they were knowingly misled by Dallas-based home builder Centex Homes are on a picket campaign targeting different Centex developments each week.

"They lied to me about everything," said Howard Hague of Fawn Ridge, who is suing Centex in Hillsborough Circuit Court. He says his taxes are higher than promised, the value of homes in his village is lower than promised and he was sued over a satellite dish that he thought was allowed.

"It's a horrible situation," said Hague, who relocated to Tampa in 1991. "I moved here to get away from stress and I came into more. I just wish I could get my money back and get out."

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