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KB Home v. RegisterFly.com- Ref# 9323034 c/o Whois Protection Service- ProtectFly.com

Claim Number: FA0506000506771


Complainant is KB Home (“Complainant”), represented by Mary Kathryn Sammons, of Susman Godfrey LLP, Suite 5100, 1000 Louisiana, Houston, TX 77002-5096.  Respondent is RegisterFly.com- Ref# 9323034 c/o Whois Protection Service- ProtectFly.com (“Respondent”), represented by John Glenn Meazell, of Law Offices of John Meazell, P.C., 5608 West Plano Parkway, Suite 300, Plano, TX 75093.


The domain name at issue is <kbhomesucks.com>, registered with Enom, Inc.


KB Home and Richmond American Homes

Class action status is being sought in a lawsuit filed against KB Home and Richmond American Homes of California Inc. on behalf of homeowners in the Haysley Hills development. The suit alleges that KB Home underestimated the costs of maintaining the neighborhood, and is now charging residents association dues that are double the amount that they were told they would have to pay per month.

Possible KB Home and Richmond American Homes Class Action Lawsuit

If you feel you qualify for damages or remedies that might be awarded in this possible class action please click the link below to submit your complaint.

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to Kabateck & Garris - Brian Kabateck
Posted on Jul-6-04

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KB Home's Murky Swamp

Pond becomes murky swamp for residents
Paul Drury and his neighbors have a slimy, smelly problem. On the west side of their Platte River Ranch neighborhood is a swamp. A manmade pool of slimy water... In the meantime, Drury’s focus is his backyard swamp. He suspects KB Homes did not adequately design the pond. He might be right. Related article: Heartbreak along Mockingbird Lane


Arlington residents sue KB Home

Dallas Business Journal - November 9, 2001

  • Sixty-four homeowners in Arlington are suing Los Angeles-based homebuilder KB Home (NYSE: KBH) for not disclosing that the Southridge Hills subdivision was built on the site of a former military bombing practice range, according to the plaintiffs' attorneys Friday.

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KB Home: Rebuilding Trust
The homebuilder is putting the emphasis on quality -- and raising its growth targets

In mid-July, Diana Francis, a disabled retiree in Jacksonville, Fla., had a small fire in her home that caused firemen to knock down her front door. Panicked because she was about to leave on vacation, Francis called Bill Robinson, the local customer service manager for KB Home (KBH ), the company that sold her the house two years earlier. Robinson spent five hours fixing the door, lock, and alarm system at no charge to Francis. "They've done above and beyond," she says

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Broken Homes - The American Dream Turns Nightmare

The Scottsdale Times

The Valley's construction boom has left some contractors shorthanded and settling for cheap materials and cheaper subcontractors. Can homebuyers make contractors fix their faulty foundations?

Elliot Homes offered the affected homes a repair option, but the Rankins say the contract would have forfeited their right to suit if the repairs were insufficient. Elliot Homes re-poured the cement slab in the garage four times.
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Builder Faces the Fury
Of Texas Homeowners

By Queena Sook Kim
From The Wall Street Journal Online

SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- KB Home promotes itself as a company that builds inexpensive tract homes for people such as Elena C. Rocha. The 68-year-old restaurant worker spent her life's savings of $123,000 on a new KB home here last year.

But soon after she and two grown daughters moved in last September, problems surfaced. She says a toilet malfunctioned, a hallway wall separated from the ceiling, and water leaked in beneath the front door. The Rochas made repeated complaints to KB, some of which the company now acknowledges it ignored. Frustrated, Mrs. Rocha and her older daughter, Grace, joined about 15 protesters, including other disgruntled KB customers and homeowner activists, on a road leading to a nearby company sales center.

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